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First World War Commemorations

Last month I went to Belgium for Cara Magazine to photograph sites of the First World War. I particularly liked this portrait I got of the 'last post' bugler at the Menin Gate, a very poignant structure carrying names of the fallen soldiers. You can check out more of the Article here.



Last week I shot some stuff for WAREHOUSE. I ldecided to pare it all back and left all the lights behind as we had a little window of lovely morning light between rain & wind. Aisling Farinella styled the whole thing and Models Carrie Anne Burton & Georgia May Power were a joy to work with. Nice morning's work. Wish they could all be this easy.

Warehouse 1.jpg
Warehouse 2.jpg
Warehouse 3.jpg
Warehouse 4.jpg
Warehouse 6.jpg

Rugs Anyone?

So rugs are flat right? They are a uniform size right? Not if they are hides. It's a tricky job shooting an animal in it's flat state while teetering over it on top of a step ladder and looking through a camera (guaranteed to put you off balance). Job done in the end and result is a new selection of beautiful Rugs from CA Designs.

me on ladder.jpg
Zebra Rug b.jpg


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