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CARA Magazine Cover and Sweet Success Article

This month I had the great pleasure of shooting an interesting article for Cara Magazine (Aer Lingus in flight Magazine) called 'Sweet Success', a series of interviews with Irish confectionery heroes. It all started out on a sunny day in Dublin the large part of which we spent indoors among the ovens of Brodericks Brothers & The Wild Flour Bakery.  The next morning we headed out on the road for a whistle stop one day tour of the west and south of the Country visiting Athenry for an early morning sitting with the owners of 'Foods of Athenry' in the lashing rain, getting a two minute rain break to catch their outdoor portrait. Then having the coils on my engine go midway between there and The Burren, where I gently coaxed the motor all the kit and my assistant to the top of a mountain to shoot the good folk of Hazel Mountain Chocolate Company. From there it was on to Limerick to shoot Nicole Dunphy of Pandora Bell and goof about with huge yellow lollies for an hour or so (made the cover) before we said our goodbyes and headed on to what must have been one of the most picturesque places I've ever shot at, Lismore Castle in Waterford. Sadly the weather drove us back to the kitchens which were laid out in an incredible array of biscuits by The Lismore Food Company and entertaining stories pertaining to the castle and it's occupants. Finally laden down with goodies we limped back to Dublin in our poor motor which survived and passed it's MOT/NCT last week so no permanent damage done. Check out some of the pictures from the article and some out takes that landed on the cutting room floor.